website translator plugin Dr. Barry E. LoSasso is a board-certified pediatric surgeon who has performed over 800 Nuss Procedures to repair pectus excavatum (commonly known as sunken chest), on both children and adults. Dr. LoSasso trained with Dr.Donald Nuss (creator of the Nuss procedure) at the Children's Hospital of the King's Daughter in Norfolk, Virginia before developing his own successful Nuss program here in San Diego at the Rady Children's Hospital.

The program has completely mirror-imaged the protocol established at the
King's Daughter's, and maintains an on-going relationship with Dr. Nuss for
continuing updates and improvements in our pectus program.
In 2006, the program was awarded the "The Center of Excellence for Pectus
Deformities", one of five centers of excellence in the United States, and the
only one on the West Coast.

Since then, Dr. LoSasso has launched a new successful Nuss program for
adults in 2014, at the Sharp Memorial Hospital in San Diego. Our Mission is
to provide holistic treatment of chest wall deformities for both adults and
children. View our Introductions, FAQ, and videos of Dr. LoSasso talking to
his patients, both before and after performing the Nuss Procedure.

More videos can be seen here or click on the navigation bar above for
additional information.


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