Topic: Learn More About Pre-Nuss Procedure Testing Before Surgery

Everything you need to know about a comprehensive pre-Nuss Procedure workup – what are the tests and why are they so important?

Time: Aug 18, 2021

6:00 PM EST
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Welcome to the Center of Excellence for Pectus Specializing in the Nuss Procedure for Treatment of Pectus Excavatum

The Center of Excellence for Pectus is the premier center for the Nuss Procedure to treat Pectus Excavatum and Carinatum.

In 2017, Dr. LoSasso moved his office to Paramus, New Jersey. Dr. LoSasso’s office is located in one of the most sophisticated and largest medical communities in the world. As a result, his work is more readily available to a larger percentage of the pectus population.

Dr. LoSasso welcomes patients from both coasts and has a care plan in effect that will help arrange travel details for patients from the mid-West and West Coast. Learn More> Pectus Travel Guide

With over 1000+ successful pectus excavatum surgeries completed and counting, Dr. LoSasso treats Pectus for teens, both males and females, and is one of the only centers to also treat Pectus in adults.

Dr. Barry E. LoSasso is a board-certified pediatric surgeon who has performed over 1000 Nuss Procedures to repair pectus excavatum (commonly known as sunken chest), on both children and adults. Dr. LoSasso trained with Dr. Donald Nuss (creator of the Nuss procedure) at the Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughter in Norfolk, Virginia before developing his own successful Nuss program.

The program has completely mirror-imaged the protocol established at the King’s Daughter’s, and maintains an on-going relationship with Dr. Nuss for continuing updates and improvements in our pectus program. In 2006, the program was awarded the “The Center of Excellence for Pectus Deformities”, one of five centers of excellence in the United States.

After operating bi-coastally for a year, Dr. LoSasso has relocated his practice to an office in Paramus, New Jersey; placing his practice in a medical hub – easily accessible for patients throughout the United States.

Our Mission is to provide holistic treatment of chest wall deformities for both adults and children. 

Teen Nuss Procedures (Male)

Teen Nuss Procedures (Male)

Teen Nuss Procedures (Females)

Teen Nuss Procedures (Females)

Adult Nuss Procedures

Adult Nuss Procedures

Questions about the Nuss Procedure? Dr. LoSasso? Travel arrangements? Insurance?

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