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“Dr. LoSasso saved my life. I originally received the Nuss Procedure from another surgeon in San Diego who claimed to know how to properly perform the Nuss Procedure. However, he blatantly lied to my face and completely botched my first procedure. In fact, he messed up my procedure so badly that the bar he installed in my chest was pressing on my heart and lungs, and didn’t pop my chest out whatsoever, (which is the whole point of getting the Nuss Procedure in the first place). The worst part about my situation was I had done my homework prior to getting the Nuss Procedure and had picked Dr. LoSasso as my surgeon from the start. However, my insurance company forced me to see the surgeon that didn’t know what he was doing. I cannot urge you enough to learn from my mistake. Whatever you do, do not go with some surgeon that isn’t experienced with this specialty surgery. You truly need to have an experienced surgeon such as Dr. LoSasso that specializes in the Nuss Procedure and has extensive experience performing it on both children and adults in order to get this procedure. I know it may seem like a bold statement, but Dr. LoSasso is the best surgeon in North America to perform the Nuss Procedure. He trained with the creator of the procedure, Dr. Nuss himself when it was first invented in Norfolk, Virginia and has completed close to 1,000 successful procedures since then. Dr. LoSasso isn’t like other surgeons or doctors. He truly cares about his patients and makes sure to take the time to explain the procedure and thoroughly answer any questions you might have about it. He goes into great detail about the many health benefits the procedure has on your overall health and well-being. Every time you see him you never feel rushed, or that you are just another patient he wants to get through the door as quickly as possible. Before I received the Nuss Procedure from Dr. LoSasso I was experiencing extreme chest pains, shortness of breathe, and dizziness (all of the major symptoms of extreme Pectus Excavatum). After the Nuss Procedure by Dr. LoSasso I truly feel like a new person. It feels as though a weight has been lifted off of my chest and I can finally breathe for the first time. Not to mention I am no longer self conscious about taking my shirt off to jump in the pool or swim in the ocean, (which is something I have had to deal with for my entire life). I know that it sounds cliché, but there really aren’t enough good things that I can say about Dr. LoSasso. He completed changed my life for the better and had he not fixed me from my original botched Nuss Procedure I probably wouldn’t be here typing this glowing review for him. So I once again urge you to consult with Dr. LoSasso. If you have any questions or think that you may be a candidate for the Nuss Procedure please, please, please! Give his office a call and schedule a consultation with him. Also, If you live out of state I think they offer a Skype consultation as well. He has performed the Nuss Procedure on patients from around the world. So just because you live in another state or country don’t feel like you can’t have the best surgeon there is for the Nuss Procedure. This is the longest review that I have ever written for anyone, but I truly feel that it is important for any parents or people thinking about getting the Nuss Procedure to know that Dr. LoSasso is the best Nuss surgeon and that you should choose him for your surgery.”

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