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We appreciate all of our patients very much and understand how helpful reading past reviews can be for our future patients. If you are a past patient and can take the time to leave us a review on one of the sites below that would be very much appreciated.


We have nothing but great things to say about both surgeries. Both the California office staff and New Jersey office staff were always available to speak with and spent a lot of time working out the logistics of the surgeries. Dr LoSasso is definitely the expert in the Nuss Procedure and very attentive to both the patient and the parents. He made sure that we had a full understanding of what would happen during the insertion and removal of the bars. Although I was a bit disappointed that he moved from California to New Jersey towards the end of my son’s time with the bars, we ended up having a wonderful family vacation in New York/New Jersey to have the bars removed. I was especially thankful when Dr. LoSasso had said after the surgery that he remembered when he inserted the two bars that he placed them in such a way that he could remove them in an easier manner.

Darcy A. (September 18, 2018)

Dr. LoSasso performed the Nuss procedure on me when I was 50 years old. I am two years post-op and my health couldn’t be better. If you are an adult with PE, you need a surgeon with plenty of experience. I highly recommend Dr. LoSasso and the Center of Excellence for Pectus.

Neil (May 4, 2018)

Dr Losasso’s team was incredible including Valley hospital. Everything was done perfect and very professional. I would highly recommend this team. They corrected my sons chest and with very little pain. Thank you for a great job done.

– David in New Jersey (Feb. 14, 2018)

Getting the Nuss Procedure not only greatly increased my vitality, but also spurred a passion for the medical field. It completely changed my life and was easily one of the best decisions I have ever made.

– Kimberly

From the day I was diagnosed to when I had the surgery was a long tough journey for me. The surgery honestly changed my life making it so much better. Thank you all.

– Robert

It was worth it! I appreciate Dr. LoSasso and his team’s efforts in making my surgery successful!

– Arya

The Nuss procedure changed my life. I can breathe easy and I have a lot more endurance now. I can run and hike like never before! Dr. LoSasso is the best!

– Mario

Dr. LoSasso saved my life. I originally received the Nuss Procedure from another surgeon in San Diego who claimed to know how to properly perform the Nuss Procedure. However…
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– Tyler

Dr. LoSasso and his team are fantastic. We wanted the best and found it in them. Thank you so much for helping our son have a better quality of life.

– Dee McMaster-Brown

Dr LoSasso is the best. Thank you for taking great care of our son!

– Shelli Haley Beauchamp

Amazing, couldn’t ask for more!

– Francis Hand

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