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We appreciate all of our patients very much and understand how helpful reading past reviews can be for our future patients. If you are a past patient and can take the time to leave us a review on one of the sites below that would be very much appreciated.


I can’t even begin to explain how grateful I am for my surgery. I went most of my life without pectus excavatum and then one year it just started getting noticeably worse. I became self-conscious of it and preferred to wear a shirt at all times to avoid questions. My family found my amazing surgeon when we were watching a show that he had been a guest on, to help with a nuss procedure. After watching the show we looked him up and made an appointment. The way he explained how the whole procedure and healing process would go made me so happy because after just a few months I could have a completely normal chest and be able to walk freely and proudly without a shirt. After going through the surgery and completely healing I can say it was well worth it. There is no better surgeon than Dr. LoSasso for a nuss procedure and if you have pectus excavatum I highly suggest you pay him a visit.

Michael L (December 2019) – Jun 16, 2020

Amazing Surgeon! Dr. LoSasso is such a kind and gifted human being. He sets a new standard for what doctors should aspire to be. We are so glad that he was the one who performed our son’s pectus surgery. He and his team make you feel like you’re being taken care of as one of their own family. Our son looks and feels great with his new chest. He’s happy to be able to start playing sports again. We are grateful for the quality of life he will have in his adult years thanks to Dr. LoSasso’s expertise. We cannot forget to mention the nurses at Valley Hospital who are amazing with the post-op care.

Thank you!
Frank & Lidia L.

The experience and surgery for Ryan was great. He feels a lot better with how his chest looks and how he feels. I would recommend getting the operation done sooner than later. Dr. LoSasso’s experience with pectus and the Nuss procedure was far beyond any other surgeon we reviewed. He told us he done over 1,000 Nuss operations. The fact that he could perform the operation in New Jersey not far from where we lived made choosing Dr. LoSasso a no brainer.

Ryan B.

The idea of surgery seemed impossible to me as an adult patient… once I knew I had found the right surgeon; it was an easy decision. I decided on Dr. LoSasso because he has overwhelmingly extensive experience. One month before the procedure, I made the decision to stop reading testimonials online because the dramatic variety of outcomes were causing my emotions to rollercoaster wildly. I decided to trust my research which taught me the importance of going to a specialist for this procedure- having confidence in my surgeon completely changed the process for me. Of course, everybody’s experience with this surgery is different but, for me, it was easier than I could possibly have imagined. It was scarcely more difficult than a wisdom tooth removal, albeit more prolonged. My recovery has been almost pain free.

Max Blair

Doctor Losasso is a complete professional with outstanding bedside manner. He takes the time to explain everything in detail, go over everything so you understand and answers all of your questions. Doctor Losasso keeps to his word for timeframes and gives you his feelings and opinions as if he was you. I hope others will recognize the outstanding work and dedication Doctor Losasso puts in daily as he deserves it, we thank him for everything!

Andrew Flax

When I got home I was able to get a good look at the Doctor’s work. I’m very pleased with the results and would recommend Dr. LoSasso to anyone. About 2 weeks after the surgery I went back to see him and he took off the bandages for the incisions. You can barely see the scars that were left behind. I’m very pleased with how everything turned out so far, and I still have some healing to do. I am very pleased with my body and I’m out to most people now. Dr. LoSasso may not realize this, but he may have saved my life in more ways than one. I can’t wait to see how I look and feel after a year. If you have pectus excavatum, please give his office a call. They are amazing people and would love to help you.

Monica B.

I met Dr LoSasso about 10 hours after having my son, having not seen my son since the delivery room. During those 10 hours, I was told by staff that he was being monitored and was stable however I was beginning to get very anxious and upset. At 8:30pm Dr LoSasso came into our lives and delivered news no parent wants to hear. His patience and calm disposition spoke meticulously and despite the time, he explained the diagnosis and the entire surgical procedure that was necessary for my son to undergo less then 24 hours later. His confidence and professionalism immediately brought a sense of control in an otherwise uncontrollable situation. If you have the opportunity to have this amazing human involved in any procedure for yourself or a loved one, I would do so without fear or hesitation.

– Cara (May 2019)

My experience with Dr. LoSasso can only be described as positive. I felt safe the entire time and he made sure to explain everything that was going on. I’m so thankful to have had him as my surgeon and he did such a good job. My health is so much better now that I’ve has this surgery.

– Marley (December 2018)

To say that we are ecstatic with the outcome for our son Aidan with Dr. LoSasso performing the Nuss procedure on him is a huge understatement. His physical condition has changed dramatically for the better along with his overall confidence in his appearance. We all just can’t say thank you enough nor can we more highly recommend this doctor and his amazing team at the office who made all the prep so easy & Valley Hospital for excellent patient care. THANK YOU!

– G & J (December 2018)

Dr Barry is one of the best surgeon not only in the US but the world. My husband had one of the most complicated pectus excavatum case and Dr Barry was the only true expert in the field that we can trust to perform the surgery.

He did my husband Nuss surgery 3 years ago and his chest look wonderful. And just today he removed the bars in a very easy and smooth surgery.

He explained all the step of surgery and answered all our questions. He’s a true gem, very confident and very professional.

Thank you Dr. Barry for an amazing experience and keep making a difference in this world!! You’re simply wonderful!!

– Sarah F. (October 2018)

When I was around 10 years old, I first noticed that I had a mild form of pectus excavatum. As I got older, the depression in the middle of my chest became deeper. Once I started my growth spurt at the age of 14, the pectus excavatum became considerably worse. As an athlete, who actively swims on a year-round swim team and for high school during the winter season, I started to experience shortness of breath especially when diving after the turns. Once being a long-distance swimmer, I now felt out of breath soon. At this point, my parents and I knew that I needed help. We live in CT and wanted to talk to somebody who is a true expert in this field. We were excited to learn that Dr. LoSasso had recently moved his practice to the Tristate-Area. In a long and thorough consultation, Dr. LoSasso explained the option of the Nuss-procedure to us. My parents and I quickly reached a high comfort and trust level in the procedure and Dr. LoSasso’s capabilities.

Dr. LoSasso and Georgia were very helpful in getting the required medical pre-surgery visits done. I had surgery in July and everything went well. Not only Dr. LoSasso but also the staff and nurses at Valley Hospital were the best you could ask for. I always felt safe and well taken care of. I was up and walking outside for at least an hour per day after 2 weeks and did not feel sore anymore one month after surgery. I started physical therapy and easy swimming and quickly found out that I could dive longer than ever before. 3 months post-surgery, I had a follow-up appointment with Dr. LoSasso. I was very happy to hear that now I can start with full practices again just in time for High School Swim Season. Thank you, Dr. LoSasso! I should also mention that the cosmetic results are awesome. No more sunken chest and the scars are healing nicely.

– Chris (October 2018)

Because our son’s chest was sunken in, his lungs and heart were compro­mised. If he did not have the surgery, these issues would have escalated with age,” explained father David Goldsholl. “It was very important to us that we chose a surgeon with extensive experience in correcting this problem, so we spent weeks researching doctors in our region. This is not a surgery you take chances on with inexperience. We are so happy that we chose to have our son treated by Dr. LoSasso and The Valley Hospital.

– David Goldsholl (October 2018)

I cannot recommend Dr. Losasso enough. He is incredibly competent – a true expert in his field, and he is also warm, caring, and has wonderful bedside manner. He takes the time to explain everything and we never felt rushed. He inserted my daughter’s bar in San Diego and removed it in New Jersey. Both experiences were smooth and all the nurses and assistants we worked with in both locations were friendly and excellent too. I was able to get our insurance to cover the cost as in-network as well.

Meghan in Cardiff by the Sea, CA – Sep 28, 2018

We have nothing but great things to say about both surgeries. Both the California office staff and New Jersey office staff were always available to speak with and spent a lot of time working out the logistics of the surgeries. Dr LoSasso is definitely the expert in the Nuss Procedure and very attentive to both the patient and the parents. He made sure that we had a full understanding of what would happen during the insertion and removal of the bars. Although I was a bit disappointed that he moved from California to New Jersey towards the end of my son’s time with the bars, we ended up having a wonderful family vacation in New York/New Jersey to have the bars removed. I was especially thankful when Dr. LoSasso had said after the surgery that he remembered when he inserted the two bars that he placed them in such a way that he could remove them in an easier manner.

Darcy A. (September 18, 2018)

Dr. LoSasso performed the Nuss procedure on me when I was 50 years old. I am two years post-op and my health couldn’t be better. If you are an adult with PE, you need a surgeon with plenty of experience. I highly recommend Dr. LoSasso and the Center of Excellence for Pectus.

Neil (May 4, 2018)

Dr Losasso’s team was incredible including Valley hospital. Everything was done perfect and very professional. I would highly recommend this team. They corrected my sons chest and with very little pain. Thank you for a great job done.

– David in New Jersey (Feb. 14, 2018)

Getting the Nuss Procedure not only greatly increased my vitality, but also spurred a passion for the medical field. It completely changed my life and was easily one of the best decisions I have ever made.

– Kimberly

From the day I was diagnosed to when I had the surgery was a long tough journey for me. The surgery honestly changed my life making it so much better. Thank you all.

– Robert

It was worth it! I appreciate Dr. LoSasso and his team’s efforts in making my surgery successful!

– Arya

The Nuss procedure changed my life. I can breathe easy and I have a lot more endurance now. I can run and hike like never before! Dr. LoSasso is the best!

– Mario

Dr. LoSasso saved my life. I originally received the Nuss Procedure from another surgeon in San Diego who claimed to know how to properly perform the Nuss Procedure. However…
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– Tyler

Dr. LoSasso and his team are fantastic. We wanted the best and found it in them. Thank you so much for helping our son have a better quality of life.

– Dee McMaster-Brown

Dr LoSasso is the best. Thank you for taking great care of our son!

– Shelli Haley Beauchamp

Amazing, couldn’t ask for more!

– Francis Hand

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