“Getting the Nuss Procedure not only greatly increased my vitality, but also spurred a passion for the medical field. It completely changed my life and was easily one of the best decisions I have ever made.”



“From the day I was diagnosed to when I had the surgery was a long tough journey for me. The surgery honestly changed my life making it so much better. Thank you all.”



“The Nuss procedure changed my life. I can breathe easy and I have a lot more endurance now. I can run and hike like never before! Dr. LoSasso is the best!”



“It was worth it! I appreciate Dr. LoSasso and his team’s efforts in making my surgery successful!”


“Dr. LoSasso saved my life. I originally received the Nuss Procedure from another surgeon in San Diego who claimed to know how to properly perform the Nuss Procedure. However…” Read More

“Dr. LoSasso and his team are fantastic. We wanted the best and found it in them. Thank you so much for helping our son have a better quality of life.”
Dee McMaster- Brown
“Dr LoSasso is the best. Thank you for taking great care of our son!”
Shelli Haley Beauchamp
“Amazing, couldn’t ask for more!”
Francis Hand