New Jersey Patient Testimonial – Spring 2018

Before having surgery I spent a lot of time reading different stories online from people with pectus and their experiences. I had a similar experience to most with a pediatrician that told me that people just live with it and an operation was not the solution. I was self conscious of how I looked and felt I was limited during exercise and had an abnormally fast heartbeat.

I was 20 years old when I went for my first consult after reading about the condition for a few years. I consulted a surgeon in NYC that had done several dozen nuss procedures, but later found Dr. Losasso online in New Jersey when he moved his practice and went for a second opinion. I scheduled surgery with him the same day as the consult after he took the time to draw out exactly what he would do on my chest and take measurements, which the other did not. He drew where bar placement would be with numbers to show what length bars he would be using. I was not concerned about the outcome with Dr. Losasso because of how many testimonials and before & after pictures there were online, whereas I didn’t know what kind of results to expect from my prior consult.

I had a very positive experience at Valley Hospital with Dr. Losasso on March 7th, 2018.

I had surgery that Tuesday morning through the afternoon and stayed in the pediatric ICU several days after. The pain was managed very well and the nurses there had experience with Dr. Losasso’s prior patients and knew the protocol. Two days after surgery I was off the stronger pain medicine and able to start walking the hallway. Dr. Losasso checked on me several times during recovery and said I was doing very well. The night before I was discharged I was feeling well enough to walk around more than just the ICU floor and my nurse took me for a little tour around the different floors because it wasn’t so busy.

I was given a week of the same muscle and nerve relaxants I was being given in the hospital when I went home and did not need a refill. I stayed on regular tylenol/advil for about 3 weeks in the morning and before bed. I received check in calls from Dr. Losasso’s office asking if I needed refills on any medications and how I was managing.

I am now more than 6 weeks post-op and feeling very little limitation. I would say the 5-6 week mark was a huge mark for me because there would be parts of the day where I forgot I had the operation. Getting up/sitting down and moving around during the day no longer takes thought and I’m no longer stiff in my range of motion. I am happy with the results and I would do the surgery again.

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